Bodega Super Uco

SuperUco Winery

Located in the Uco Valley, this winery resonates for its innovation and excellence in the world of wine. Founded by winemaker Matías Michelini and his brother Juan Pablo, it is an outstanding example of the new wave of high quality wine producers in Argentina.
SuperUco is known for its avant-garde winemaking approach and its commitment to producing natural and organic wines. Their philosophy focuses on allowing the grape and terroir to fully express themselves in each bottle, minimizing intervention in the winemaking process. They use sustainable farming practices and encourage biodiversity in their vineyards.
The winery’s architecture reflects the Michelini’s vision. Its structure is characterized by its circular shape, embracing both the vineyards and the organic orchard with a balanced aesthetic and respect for the surrounding nature. But what makes this winery even more special is the layout of its main building, which takes the shape of an octagon and is located right in the heart of the estate.
In addition, the winery also houses a restaurant that offers an authentic gastronomic experience, paired with its signature wines.

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