Bodega Piedra Infinita

Piedra Infinita Winery

Created by the renowned Zuccardi family, Piedra Infinita is a true oenological treasure that combines winemaking tradition with innovation and avant-garde architecture.
What makes it unique is its architectural design, created by the prestigious Argentine architect, Sebastián Suárez. The winery integrates harmoniously with its surroundings, using natural materials such as stone and wood. Its curved roof evokes the image of a growing vine and becomes a visual testimony of the Zuccardi family’s commitment to sustainable viticulture.
Visitors can explore the modern winemaking facilities, where the latest technologies are used to produce wines of exceptional quality.
Its restaurant opened in March 2016 and is known for its commitment to local and seasonal ingredients, which are reflected in its thoughtful menu designed to enhance Zuccardi’s exceptional wines.
Piedra Infinita is more than a winery; it is a tribute to Mendoza’s natural beauty and passion for wine. Its wines reflect the land they come from and are a testament to winemaking excellence. Visiting this winery is an enriching experience that allows wine lovers to immerse themselves in Argentina’s wine culture and taste some of the region’s most impressive wines.

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