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We invite you to read our wine travel blog. Below you will find information related to the wine industry, regarding Mendoza’s wineries news to keep you updated. In addition, of course we’ll add our own news, that we hope can help you know more about what we do every day for the wine tourism in Mendoza

To keep yourself informed about the wine industry trends abroad, we recommend you to read Wine Spectator, or Wine Advocate magazines.

How do we make it?

We know that the world of wine is dynamic and apart from having new wines in the market vintage by vintage, there are also new labels or even new wineries as well. So for you to enjoy the best tours, we have opened this channel to tell what’s going on in Mendoza.Also, at SAK we are in constant updating working in new developments to make travelers experiences better and to improve our tours considering how we interact with the enviroment.
Our guides work outside and they bring the upcoming news directly from the field. This is first hand information we like to share with you. However, we invite all participants in the market to send us information and notes that are useful to provide travelers more information that can help to take a travel decision.

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