Sustainable travel in Mendoza?

sustainability actions

In SAK Wine & Travel we have already given the first steps to sustainable travel. Take over this concrete facts and start our way to be Sustainable and friendly to our planet. 

Sustainable food packing

All our tours and transfers include some regional snacks provided by local producers. During the last year we have been working with our suppliers in order to replace the plastic packaging of the snacks we serve. After digging out the possible materials, we reached about the 70% of the snacks delivered in biodegradable wrapping. The bags we use to put into these snacks are 100% made of organic matter based on cornstarch. Besides this, we replaced the paperboard boxes used in box-lunches to new ones totally made of sugarcane. Both materials are compostable and 100% organic.

Reducing use of plastic bottles and travel sustainable

There is still a long way to go… but today, we can already say that our groups, when they move in vans, mini buses or buses, have available drinking water drums with pushing pumps that allow them to fill their own bottles. 

We are faced with the enormous challenge of getting tourists to come to Mendoza with their own bottles to refill. So please! If you are traveling with us in a group, bring your bottle and join this action! 

How to be sustainable in the office?

It took us some time to answer the question: how to travel sustainable without dying in the attempt. We learned that just by implementing small actions and changing regular habits it is a good start.

We went over the idea of being aware about the waste of energy. So the first step we took was to replace all the lamps with LED lights because we took for granted that this would make a great contribution to the environment and reduce the unnecessary consumption of power.

After this, we said goodbye to the famous disposable capsules of the coffee machine. Nowadays we enjoy our diary coffee using reusable stainless steel capsules. They are amazing! We can bring our favourite Brazilian or Colombian coffee to share at work!!! 

After this, and going ahead with the policies of Reduce Recycle and Reuse we realized that the biggest problem was found in everyday litter. Therefore we took two actions that in a short time, impressed us very much. We bought tupperwares for every member of our team. In this way, we stopped discarding an average of 40 plastic trays, paper, wrappers and nylon bags per week, which greatly reduced our garbage production. In the lasts weeks we have continued by separating the garbage and collaborating with the collection trash for recycling.

These are just simple habits each of us can modify, which serve in turn to create greater awareness, and commitment from our place.

The most interesting and positive part of all this, is the multiplier effect that can be happen by other people joining this actions in benefit of our environment. It is possible to travel sustainable and it will be easier when we are all together on the same way.

Small good acts made by many people change things!

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