Events in Mendoza at the wineries

Mendoza events

Not long ago, the wine tourism and the organization of events in wineries of Mendoza, was only limited to a basic visit or just a wine tasting.

Just by the year 2005 Mendoza was pointed in the map of the great wine capitals group, and then, many wineries began to consider enotourism as something much more valuable than a simple “marketing tool to promote their brands”.

Year after year, the wineries have been exploring new strategies of positioning with the aim to gain customers loyalty through marketing actions like chilly events “at the vineyards”.

In the past, most of the events in Mendoza, used to take place in urban spaces like hotels saloons or so. Nowadays they take place outside, in a natural environment given by the vineyards and framed by the stunning Andes mountains. Actually, it is in to use any fermentation tanks area or old cellars to create cosy and lively atmosphere places suitable for this purpose.

Today, events in Mendoza wineries go from conferences and business meetings to music concerts or sporting and artistic events.

Some events in Mendoza wineries.

Classic car rally through the wine roads.

The traditional rally that takes place during harvest time. It goes from Mendoza city through the wine roads. It is  probably one of the pioneer events into wineries organized by the Pulenta brothers. owners of the emblematic Pulenta winery.

The classical music concerts through the wine roads.

In the last two decades, during april, the Cultural Ministry has been organizing these concerts along the Mendoza province. The sounds of violin, piano, bandoneon, guitars  and tango dancers are held entirely into icon wineries like Salentein, Catena Zapata, Dante Robino and Caro among others.

The overall event includes about 70 concerts and artistic exhibitions with renowned artists. Apart from this, there is a solidary purpose behind, so the tickets are obtained delivering milk powder pack for the food bank.

The Chachingo´s wine fair 

This event takes place in Maipu region every november. It is about a wine event with more than 60 wineries including small producers. This event, hosted by Casa Vigil, offers a meeting space to experience the diversity of argentinian wines. Also they serve some delicious local food matched with music shows and even the chance to participate in the auction. Apart from all that, it collaborates with San Martín´s historical library and local schools in the area.

The wine rock

During harvest time in march, Monteviejo winery is the perfect place for the wine rock festival. This sunset event runs at the vineyards, carries out in the heart of the most outstanding wine region of Argentina. This takes also place in the Uco Valley as other important events. It is a fun and cool event that congregates friends, fans of rock and wine sponsored by the tourism ministry.

Healthy events at the vineyards

The healthy actions are also one of the most interesting tools for the wineries to create new experiences. Moreover, in order to display the brand while interacting with consumers and potential clients. Wine combined with physical and spiritual wellness seems to be the perfect match. The offering includes yoga classes, meditation, and relax moments. Of course, into the vineyards with amazing sunsets and dusks framed by the andes range.

The Ribera Run experience in Duero Region from Spain, will arrive to Uco Valley next week. The famous marathon combines the running spirit with the natural and unique environment of Tunuyán. Obviously, the wines with the culture and historic heritage of the place as well!

In the south of Mendoza, in the San Rafael Valley, Bianchi winery has its traditional marathon every year.

It seems like the organization of events into wineries is unlimited and it is a new trend to follow.

What it is coming next in the wine industry?

Surely, it will depend on the market dynamics. But, we grantee the wine culture can be attached to almost any kind of events in Mendoza. Everywhere.

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