Social impact of wine consumption in Mendoza.

wine consumption

Mendoza province and its people are linked to the wine culture since the old times. Let’s see a bit of how wine consumption influent locals life.

The viticulture in these vast oasis in the midwest of Argentina evolves through the time. From its Spanish origins in the mid-sixteenth century, until being pointed by the Great Wine Capital map. Of course, with Malbec as the icon grape. Nowadays, wine is the Argentine national drink. Because of that, very 24th of November we celebrate the “Argentine wine national drink day”. Argentina is the largest wine producer in Latin America and the sixth one worldwide. This rich history around the wine culture, explains why this activity is so rooted in the dairy lifestyle of every Mendocino.  As soon as you start talking with anyone here, you will surely hear stories of farming backgrounds. People that grew up among vineyards and olive trees and learned the “know-how” of the grape stuff.

Maybe talking with any elder inhabitant you can discover which were the best places in the old houses where the grandparents from Italy and Spain mostly stored a very sweet homemade wine.

A bit of wine history

Int he Old times, heavy carts and mule troops led by the arriero moved the wine in rustic containers made of leather or in ceramic vessels.

However, between the last decades of the 16th century, the first wineries and vineyards emerged in Mendoza. The progress of wine consumption, was very slow in the first years of its history. That happened, due to the arid topography of the place and limited knowledge of Mendozas soil conditions..

Even in these basic conditions, nearby towns started over the wine industry as well. Although, they built large wineries that gave the greatest impulse to the local economy. Somehow the wine industry  evolved step by step with an intense influence of European immigrants and the genuine effort among the locals to build up an industry with a separated and original identity.

The Grape Harvest Festival

Since march 1936, The grape harvest festival takes place in the frame of parades and popular celebrations. The crowning of the queen in the main event, represents that special and intimate feeling each local have for the terroir and the wine culture. It is hard to put into words, but during these days of celebration, people take this ritual as a renewal to the wine culture spirit. It is easy see how the warm and lively atmosphere touches us, when we open and share bottle of wine is with proud feelings, love and happiness.

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