Bodega Salentein

Salentein Winery

Bodega Salentein is a magical corner where the passion for wine and art converge in an exceptional setting. Founded in 1992 by Dutch entrepreneur Mijndert Pon, this winery has left an indelible mark on the Argentine and global wine scene.
Salentein’s architecture is stunning and unique. The iconic main building, known as the “Poem Winery,” is a modern masterpiece of design and functionality. Its cross shape, which resembles a temple, combines clean lines and natural materials that blend harmoniously with the mountainous surroundings. In addition to being a place for the production of high quality wines, the winery also houses a cultural space, Espacio Killka, which promotes the art and culture of the region.
Its vineyards thrive on high quality soils and the winery prides itself on its commitment to sustainability, implementing responsible agricultural practices and state-of-the-art technology to reduce its environmental footprint.
In addition, Salentein’s wines are the result of meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the process. From hand-harvesting to aging in French oak barrels, these wines express the elegance and authenticity of the Mendoza region.
Visitors can live a complete experience that combines the passion for wine, art and nature in a spectacular setting in the Uco Valley.

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