Bodega Gimenez Riili

Gimenez Riili

Gimenez Riili Winery, located in the Uco Valley, is a jewel of family winemaking tradition and winemaking innovation. This family winery is based in Los Sauces, Tunuyán, and has inherited generations of winemaking knowledge, carrying with it a passion for creating high quality wines.
With a winemaking capacity of 125,000 liters, Giménez Riili stands out for its meticulous approach to every stage of the production process. The grapes, carefully harvested by hand at the perfect moment of ripeness, go through a rigorous selection process that guarantees quality from the beginning.
The winery has integrated state-of-the-art technology in its facilities, including thermal regulation systems and stainless steel tanks. In addition, they have made a select choice of French oak barrels. This balance between tradition and controlled technology allows them to respect traditional winemaking practices while maintaining exceptional quality standards.

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