Bodega Trapiche

Trapiche Winery

Founded in 1883, this winery has a rich history that makes it one of the oldest wineries in Argentina and one of the most respected in the global wine industry. Its commitment to quality and innovation has brought it to the forefront of wine production in the country.
Trapiche’s architecture is a blend of traditional and modern, with historic buildings coexisting with state-of-the-art facilities. The vineyards surrounding the winery benefit from abundant sunlight and ideal soil conditions, allowing them to grow a wide variety of high quality grapes.
Its wines have received numerous international awards and recognitions, highlighting its commitment to quality and consistency.
Trapiche is an icon in Mendoza and in the world. Its centuries-old heritage, charming architecture and ongoing pursuit of winemaking excellence make it a must-see destination for wine lovers who wish to explore Mendoza’s winemaking tradition and innovation.

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