Conalbi Grinberg Winery

In 2001, the great-grandchildren of winemaker Gaudencio Magistocchi decided to resume the family’s winemaking tradition and, under the name Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinícola, launched their products on the market. Since 1997, they had been making high quality wines that focused on finesse and excellence, gradually gaining recognition in both the domestic and international markets.
Located in the renowned Maipú region, their wines educate themselves over time, absorbing the influences of terroir and climate. Each bottle of Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinícola is a time capsule that captures the essence of the grape and the passion that goes into each stage of production. Their winemaking history is a constant search for excellence and each wine is a testament to that dedication and love for the family tradition and the art of creating unique and authentic wines.

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