Bodega CarinaE

CarinaE Winery

It is a boutique winery owned by Brigitte and Philippe Subra and is characterized by its artisanal approach to the production of high quality wines that reflect the distinctive character of Mendoza’s vineyards.
It has stood out for its commitment to sustainability and organic production as it cultivates its vineyards organically, avoiding the use of chemicals and pesticides. This philosophy extends to its winemaking process, where it seeks to intervene as little as possible to allow the grapes to express their authenticity, achieving wines that are usually the result of a manual process, from harvesting to vinification and bottling.
The winery is also known for its connection to art and culture. The name “CarinaE” comes from a constellation and reflects the founders’ passion for astronomy and art. This is reflected in their labeling and creative approach to the world of wine.

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