El Enemigo

El Enemigo winery is located in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza.

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El Enemigo winery

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El Enemigo winery

El Enemigo winery born of a married couple, Alejandro and Adrian. 

They believe in making wines that are friendly. In other words, that make you want to drink.

Alejandro and Adrianna believe in the divine inspiration of art and nature, in making wines that speak for themselves.

Alejandro remains linked to his commitment to the Catena family and is responsible for oenology at Catena Zapata. His heart is in Casa El Enemigo, where he makes the wine he feels.

The wines are make with sustainability criteria and the highest respect for terroir. The farm has a waste recycling and water saving program, and the wine tourism is considered from the ecological point of view, promoting the factors of maximum respect for the environment, serving products in the restaurant from its own organic garden.

During the visit to the winery, the visitor can observe a sample of it in a cut that has been made in the field. Above, a layer of clay and sand arrived in alluviums from the Andes, and below, round river stones that remind us that formerly the Mendoza River covered Luján and Maipú.

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