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El Enemigo is a fascinating winemaking project that combines the creativity and knowledge of two outstanding winemakers: Alejandro Vigil and Adrianna Catena. Founded in 2009, the winery has stood out for its focus on innovation and experimentation, creating unique wines that defy convention.
The winery uses grapes from selected vineyards in different parts of Mendoza, allowing the expression of the diversity of soils and climates. Its winemakers apply both traditional and modern techniques in the winemaking process, with the intention of capturing the essence of the terroir and creating distinctive flavor profiles.
One of El Enemigo’s jewels is its wine “El Enemigo Cabernet Franc”, an exponent of the winery’s passion for exploring and highlighting the Cabernet Franc grape variety.
The winery is also distinguished by its artistic design and unique labels that reflect El Enemigo’s philosophy and narrative. Through its constant pursuit of excellence, El Enemigo has gained recognition both in Argentina and internationally, establishing itself as a leading voice in the contemporary wine scene.




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