Bodega Santa Julia

Santa Julia Winery

Founded in 1963 by Alberto Zuccardi, Bodega Santa Julia is named after his daughter and has become an emblem of quality and sustainability in wine production.
Most of the winery’s vineyards are cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides, promoting environmentally friendly agricultural practices. This results in wines that reflect the authenticity of the Mendoza terroir.
The winery offers a wide range of wines including its “Santa Julia Orgánica” line, which is a tribute to sustainable viticulture, and the “Santa Julia Reserva” line, which stands out for its elegance and complexity. In addition, the “Santa Julia+” series is an expression of innovation and experimentation, with wines that explore different varietals and winemaking techniques.
Visitors can tour the winery’s facilities, learn about wine production and enjoy tastings that highlight the winery’s quality and commitment to ecology.
Santa Julia is not only a benchmark of winemaking excellence but also an example of how winemaking tradition can be combined with sustainability to produce exceptional wines in harmony with nature.

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