Bodega Vistalba

Vistalba Winery

Vistalba Winery combines tradition, innovation and scenic beauty in the heart of the land of Malbec. Founded in 2002 by Carlos Pulenta, this winery has stood out for its fusion of tradition and modernity.
The winemaking facilities are equipped with the latest technology, allowing for a precision winemaking process, while the winery itself, with its colonial-style architecture, evokes a sense of history and winemaking heritage.
One of the highlights of Vistalba is its vineyard. Located in a privileged region of Mendoza, they benefit from the combination of soils, altitude and climate ideal for growing Malbec grapes.
Among their most outstanding wine lines is “Tomero,” a Malbec that embodies the elegance and character of Argentina’s emblematic grape. In addition, the “Corte A” line features blends of different varietals, creating complex and balanced wines. Also outstanding is the “Cristóbal” series, which pays tribute to Cristóbal Pulenta, a renowned winemaker in the family. These bottles reflect the quality that the winery has established as one of its fundamental pillars.

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