Finca De Cero

Finca Decero Winery

Finca Decero is a winery that emerged from the passion for wine and the winemaking tradition of the Schmidheiny family, with roots in Switzerland. It is located in Agrelo, a region renowned for producing Argentine red wines of great elegance.
Thomas Schmidheiny, inspired by the potential of this exceptional terroir, decided to establish his family legacy here. The winery focuses on creating authentic and expressive wines that genuinely reflect their origin, respecting the terroir of the area and paying homage to the family winemaking tradition.
The winery’s “A Mano Philosophy” stands out for its micro-analysis of the vineyards, the subdivision of the vineyards into small sectors called ‘polygons’, the manual harvesting of the grapes and multiple stages of selection. This philosophy is not limited only to the production process, but extends to all areas, including business practices, supplier relations and interaction with the local community. The pursuit of quality and uniqueness are fundamental values in their approach.

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