Bodega Los Toneles

Los Toneles Winery

Located very close to Mendoza City, this winery combines winemaking tradition with charming architecture that evokes European elegance and creates a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.
Los Toneles is famous for producing a wide variety of wines, from iconic reds such as Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, to fresh whites such as Torrontés. Its vineyards, distributed in some of Mendoza’s most prestigious winegrowing areas, capture the essence of the terroir and climate, which contributes to the excellence of its wines.
In addition, the winery’s restaurant, Abrasados, offers meat lovers an exceptional experience of cuts that have undergone a controlled maturation process before being cooked and served.
Los Toneles is a must-see destination in Mendoza, where winemaking tradition meets gastronomic excellence, creating a unique experience for wine and food lovers.
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