Luxury Travel in Mendoza

Luxury travel packages offer the best services you can find in Mendoza. Private tours, the best restaurants owned by recognized chefs or taking a cooking class to learn the secrets of Argentine asado. We know that to give value for luxury packages is working in small details. So, in every trip you will discover this “a bit more” that we can use to highlight your experiences. Of course, we know that to make a luxury trip, we need to personalize as much as we need to make your desires become true. Use our Tailor-made trips section to design your vacation with our travel specialists.

Luxury travel Lodging

When we think in luxury lodging we first think in luxurious wine hotels, spas with wine elements used for the treatments, staying at the vineyards in a unique vila and enjoy nature and privacy. But also, the best service at the this hotels, the best gastronomy and wine tastings. Our experience will help you to decide what’s the best for your trip. All that, combined with personalized private tours to create a unique vacation experience.

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